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Spain | National Judicial Training Institute / School

In Barcelona

Escuela Judicial Consejo General del Poder Judicial
The Spanish Judicial School

Address : Escuela Judicial Consejo General del Poder Judicial
Ctra Vallvidrera 43-45
08017 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 406 7300/7301
Fax: +34 93 406 9264

About The Spanish Judicial School, Barcelona

The Spanish Judicial School depends on the General Council of the Judiciary. As a constitutional body, the General Council received, by the law 16/94 the responsibility for the selection and training of judges.The school has two locations, one in Barcelona for initial training, international programmes and direction, and one in Madrid for continuous training. The Director is senior judge Gema Espinosa. The selection process currently consists of three exercises, one written and two orals. The average preparation time is of more than four years after the university law degree. The initial training for those who have
passed the public competition entry exams consists of two phases: the first one is a theoretical/practical phase of 9 months in the venue of Barcelona and the second consists of internships in jurisdiction (9 months).
A special feature of the Judicial School is to have a team of full-time trainers ( judges, jurists or university professors). Many outside collaborators, such as judges, lawyers and experts intervene in the School
throughout the year.The Law for the Judiciary provides that the General council must guarantee that all the judges receive individual, specialised, high-quality continuous training. The training actions are currently based on three main pillars: The State Plan, decentralised programmes, and on-line training.The school has an international vocation; more than two thousand jurists and judges from Iberoamerica have followed our training programmes.

In Madrid

Centro de Estudios Jurídicos (CEJ)
The Centre for Legal Studies in Madri (CLS)

Address :
entro de Estudios Jurídicos
Ministerio de Justicia Juan del Rosal, 2,28071 Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 455 16 71
Fax: +34 91 549 62 77

About The Spanish Centre for Legal Studies, Madrid


The Centre for Legal Studies (CLS) is the school of initial and continuous training of all the professional bodies of the Administration of Justices in Spain. It has trained members of the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service sin 1944.

In 1994 the school was divided in two: the training school of public prosecutors and the training school for judges. Therefore, the former Judicial School began to operate as the Centre for Legal Studies, providing training for the rest of the Justice Administration staff.

In 2003 the CLS acquired its own statute, adopted by Royal Decree, which granted it the status of an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Justice, through the State Secretary of Justice.

One of its main tasks is collaborating with the Ministry and the General Prosecutor’s Office in the recruitment, training and improvement of the members of the Public Prosecution’s Service; nevertheless, the CLS collaborates with other stakeholders in providing the best training policies for Court Managers, Coroners, Forensics, State Attorneys and the specialization of the Judicial Polices, which add over 7.500 professionals that continuously are part of the training programs of the CLS. Through initial, continuous or online training.

Cooperation with international bodies from the CLS answers to a requirement of a modern society that is more global and competitive, hence the collaboration provided by the CLS through the world. In Europe as a member of the European Judicial Training Network, the ERA (European Law Academy), Latin-American through the RECAMPI (Iberian-american  prosecutors’s schools network) or with the Arab nations, with the EAJTN).

As an autonomous agency, the CLS has a differentiated legal personality, its own equity and budget and independence of management. Although its headquarters is based in Madrid, it provides training across de the whole country.

Spain | National Official Representative(s) to EAJTN

Spain Official National Representative to EAJTN, Barceolona

H.E. Judge

Jorge Jiménez Martín

Director of the Judicial School
General Council of the Judiciary of Spain

Tel.:+34 93 406 73 06





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Spain Official National Representative to EAJTN, Madrid


María Abigail Fernandez

Director of The Centre for Legal Studies in Madrid

Tel.:+34 914551675
E-mail :

 Abigail Fernández González (Santa Cruz de Tenerife -Canary Islands- 1976) after studying law at La Laguna University, she achieved a Master’s Degree on “Negotiation, mediation and conflict solving” at Carlos III University in Madrid. She is Judicial Counselor, position earned after a public competition, since 2004 and has worked in courts in Valencia and Barcelona, where she got specialized in labor law. She has been vocal of the Judicial Counselor’s Union (SISEJ) between 2008 and 2016. In 2016 she became the spokeswoman of this organization until 2020, when she was appointed Director of the Centre for Legal Sudies in Madrid (Centro de Estudios Jurídicos).

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